Products, Process, & People

As important as the products we make, as vital as the processes we employ, are the dedicated employees of Washington Mills. We are a global company committed to its employees and their success. Washington Mills seeks people who are self-motivated, innovative and team players. The culture of Washington Mills can best be described as a long-standing family owned company dedicated to employing and growing great people in all areas of our facilities. Simply put, we are a family.  We are looking for people who share this dedication while looking for a challenging work place with opportunities for responsibility, career development, and amazing co-workers.

Potential Careers

Our employment opportunities vary across a wide spectrum of jobs including - ceramic and material engineers, metallurgical engineers, electrical, mechanical, and process engineers, information services, operations managers, R&D professionals , laboratory technicians, customer service representatives, human resources professionals, safety specialists, production workers, maintenance workers, skilled tradespeople, finance and accounting specialists, and sales and marketing professionals.


The Washington Mills Advantage


  • Paid Time Off
  • Competitive Compensation
  • World Class benefits packages
Washington Mills NFO Waving

HR Mission

Washington Mills' human resource team strives to:

  • Hire employees best suited for the job
  • Answer questions thoroughly and quickly
  • Provide assistance with benefits