Washington Mills distributes, Sodium Hexafluoro aluminate (Na3AIF6), known as Cryolite.  Cryolite is offered in two sizes; Cryolite Powder or Cryolite U/F.  It is a synthetic mineral that closely approximates the performance of natural Greenland cryolite and is used as an active filler in grinding wheels.

  • Cryolite Powder is approximately 50% 8-20 microns.
  • Cryolite U/F is approximately 50% 12-24 microns.



  • Automotive- for use in brake pad linings.
  • Bonded Abrasives- active filler in resin bonded grinding wheels.
  • Enamel and Glass Frits- a flux and opacifying agent.
  • Aluminum/Metallurgy- component of fluxing agent, protective and refining salts.
  • Blasting and Pyrotechnics- for fireworks.
  • Production of welding agents- component of welding rod coatings and welding powders
  • Production of soldering agents- component of fluxing agents