Official UAMA Standard Sands Supplier

Washington Mills was selected by The Unified Abrasives Manufacturers’ Association (UAMA) to provide the AGA standard sands to the Bonded Abrasive industry. Washington Mills developed 28 different sized sands to be used as the official sand size with which to test the various sieve sizes (4 through 325 mesh). These standard sands make up the industry standard for ANSI B74.12-2018.

Washington Mills also provides CAMI standard sands to the Coated Abrasives industry. Every pound of ANSI graded coated abrasives ANSI B74.18 is tested against these standard sands.

Washington Mills is dedicated to upholding the exacting standards established for the industry and works with UAMA in the development and testing of technical improvements currently being utilized such as the Coulter Counter, laser instruments and improved techniques for sizing analysis etc.

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