BLASTITE® is a tough, medium density, virgin fused brown aluminum oxide abrasive manufactured for blasting your toughest applications. Its close sizing, conforming to ANSI B74.12 (Table 3), enables operators to consistently duplicate finishes every single time. BLASTITE® is produced to conform to Military Specification MIL-A-21380B, which has been replaced by Commercial Item Description A-A-59316, General Electric Aircraft Engine Group D50TF5-S9 Class D, and most Pratt and Whitney Aircraft PMC Specifications such as PMC 3043-1 rev AR.


  • pressure blasting of glass, granite, marble, and ceramic
  • metal finishing
  • surface preparation prior to painting or bonding
  • profiling
  • cleaning metal
  • engraving
  • sandblasting
  • light de-burring
  • rust or scale removal
  • generation of matte finishes