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Sample Custom Fusions

We are the only raw material manufacturer to offer sample size custom fusions and new product testing and development assistance. Our pilot furnaces are designed to handle sample volumes as small as ten pounds. This, complemented by the capacities of our other electric arc fusion furnaces, gives us the unique capability to test a broad range of product volumes and "scale up" production when needed - from ten pounds to thirty tons.

Materials Fused in Experimental Furnace

  • Alumina-Zirconia 80% - 20%
  • Magnesia-Chrome Oxide 20% - 80%
  • Alumina-Zirconia-Magnesia 57% - 10% - 32%
  • Magnesia-Chrome Oxide 40% - 60%
  • Alumina-Zirconia-Titania 72% - 26% -2%
  • Magnesia-Chrome-Alumina-Iron
  • Alumina-Zirconia 60%-40%
  • Magnesia-Alumina 87%-13%
  • Alumina-Chrome Oxide Cr2O3 varied by 20% - 95%
  • Magnesia-Alumina-Zirconia 82% - 13% - 5%
  • Alumina-Nickel Oxide 56% - 44%
  • Magnesia-Chrome-Alumina-Iron Oxide 64%-19%-6%-11%
  • Calcia Stabilized Zirconia 4%
  • Magnesia-Silica 55%-45% (Forsterite)
  • Calcia – Silica 64% - 34% (Larnite)
  • Praseodymium Oxide 100%
  • Calcium Oxide 100%
  • Zirconium – Dysprosium
  • Cerium Oxide 100%
  • Zirconium – Dyprosium – Indium
  • Lanthanum Oxide 100%
  • Zirconia – Ytterbium

Exotic Fused Minerals

Our Research and Development engineers have created an impressive range of new, exotic fused minerals ranging from Zirconia-Yttria to Praseodymium Oxide. Clients such as NASA have used Washington Mills' New Product Development services to test new fused mineral formulations and to improve the performance of existing materials.

Custom Milling

Based on the application for the new product, the new fused material from the furnace needs to be reduced to a variety of different sizes. Milling equipment has been engineered to reduce the furnaced product to a size that is appropriate for a variety of final applications. Small-scale crushing, milling and magnetic separation have been custom built to handle small quantities of different types of fused products. In some cases, special surface treatments can be applied to the final product to enhance particular product properties.

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