White Fused Aluminum Oxide

High chemical purity (>99% Al2O3) white fused alumina is manufactured through using Bayer processed alumina. White fused alumina is generally softer and more friable than other fused abrasives.

Brown Fused Aluminum Oxide

Tough and hard is exactly what is offered when manufacturing brown fused aluminum oxide. BFA is the most widely used abrasive amongst the fused alumina products.It’s known as the “workhorse” in the industry having a TiO2 content of 2-4% creating a strong, long-lasting fused alumina.

Aluminum Oxide with Chrome

White aluminum oxide fused with chrome (Cr2O3) creates a slightly tougher material than the standard white fused aluminum oxide.


Fusing alumina with zirconia creates the toughest of alumina based fused minerals. This combination makes an extra-tough, super hard abrasive grain.

Fused Alumina Silicate

Fused alumina silicate is produced by the electric furnace fusion of Bayer processed alumina and high purity silica. The result is a needle-like alumina-silica grain that has low conductivity, excellent thermal shock resistance, and excellent resistance to deformation under load.