PYRICAL, distributed by Washington Mills, is prepared from carefully selected pure monocrystalic iron pyrites (FeS2). PYRICAL consists of finely grained Pyrite crystal splinters, which increases the thermal conductivity, the tensile strength, and the porosity of resin-bonded grinding wheels and cut off wheels. 

PYRICAL improves durability and performance of organic bonded abrasives by reducing the temperature in the contact zone or the work piece and cut off / grinding wheel. PYRICAL is a non-toxic active filler based on a mix of minerals (mainly iron pyrite) developed for bonded abrasives. Similar to Sulfex Rosso, it is more basic; with a pH between 6 and 8, it is ideal to help polymerization of resins. 



  • grinding-active filler

  • resin-bonded grinding wheels and cut off wheels

  • brake linings