Durazon CSG

DURAZON CSG is a dense, granular, electric arc fused stabilized zirconia. Durazon CSG stabilized zirconia is a blend of zirconium oxide and approximately 4% calcium oxide. This produces a product with about 75% cubic zirconia plus 25% monoclinic zirconia.

The electric arc fused zirconia is poured from a state-of-the-art tilt furnace that insures a high degree of product uniformity. This highly stabilized calcia-stabilized zirconia is thermally stable to very high temperatures (2500ºC) and is chemically inert in both oxidizing and reducing atmospheres.


  • Nozzles
  • Slide gates
  • Bulk insulations in furnaces and heaters
  • Kiln furniture setters for firing electro-ceramics
  • Grinding material
  • Engineering ceramics