Washington Mills’ precision-engineered fused alumina, fused mullite, fused zirconia, boron carbide, or silicon carbide powders can be customized to provide the unique solution you need to handle the stress and thermal management performance requirements needed to engineer your rubber, plastic or adhesive compound material.

Washington Mills’ additive powders are designed to withstand the harshest environments and offer superior heat dissipation, cooling properties, thermomechanical control, and wear resistance to extend the life of critical materials in high-performance uses and parts.

Washington Mills works diligently to understand the use case and preferred base material before manufacturing a unique powder that is custom designed to optimize the properties you require. Our fused alumina and carbide powders allow for maximum design flexibility with minimal impact on peak mechanical properties of your compound or matrix material, while offering improvements in:

  • Thermal conductivity
  • Chemical stability
  • Electrical resistivity and insulation
  • Heat-based degradation reduction
  • Polymer and end-part useful life
  • Maximum loading and flowability
  • Wear resistance
  • Strength and hardness
  • Lightweighting and miniaturization

With lower cost-in-use options compared to traditional powder additives, Washington Mills delivers first-class additive solutions to meet the high-performance requirements of advanced applications – 

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Additive Solutions for Base Materials

  • Adhesives

    The performance demands on adhesives and adhesive composites has risen dramatically in the race to make our lives lighter, smaller, faster and more electrified. Innovations in engineering have demanded advancements in adhesion technologies, and today’s adhesive compounds must meet the challenges of harsh, unpredictable and high-stress applications.

    Washington Mills’ custom fused mullite, fused zirconia, fused alumina, ferro silicon, silicon carbide and boron carbide powders are designed to enhance the performance of adhesives and adhesive composites in these challenging uses and environments, offering a superior solution for meeting high-performance thermal management, chemical stability and strength requirements.

    Thermally conductive and electrically resistive, compounds reinforced with silicon carbide stand in stark contrast to traditional materials, offering superior control and cooling capacity without disrupting the critical mechanical properties of the adhesive itself. With Washington Mills’ precisely controlled additive powders, you can expect:

    • Reduced degradation and maintenance requirements in heat-generating components
    • More effective temperature transfer away from sensitive parts and components
    • Reduced risk of overheating and critical failure
    • Increased reliability and useful life of the composite and the final part
  • Plastics

    Demand for plastics and plastic composites has expanded into increasingly technical and high-performance applications, with a growing set of requirements and challenges. With Washington Mills’ engineered powder additive solutions, plastic composites can meet the demands of thermal management, electrical resistivity and electrical isolation in ways that existing solutions cannot.

    Thermally conductive plastics reinforced with Washington Mills’ custom-designed fused alumina, fused zirconia, fused mullite, boron carbide, and silicon carbide particles exhibit exceptional strength, moldability, degradation resistance and cooling capability with substantial benefits in areas such as fuel efficiency, product reliability and end-part lifespan. These improvements contribute to an extended service life for the end user, ultimately enhancing product integrity and customer satisfaction.

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