Expertly engineered CARBOREX® silicon carbide powders present a unique solution to the stress demands and thermal management challenges facing high-performance compounds.

Washington Mills’ high-performance SiC powders are designed for use as additives within the harshest electrified environments, offering reliable and efficient heat dissipation and cooling capabilities to extend the life of critical composite materials in high-stress applications.

Thermally conductive and electrically resistive CARBOREX® silicon carbide powders work within your preferred compound formula to optimize strength and thermomechanics without sacrificing flexibility of design or compromising the form and function of your base. Chemically inert, high wear resistant CARBOREX® powders offer:

  • Superior thermal and chemical stability
  • Marked reduction in heat-based degradation
  • Low coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) with a high breakdown field
  • Precise manufacturing control to optimize peak mechanical properties, ensure maximum loading and flowability, and drive repeatability
  • Proven cost-in-use value

A lightweight, lower-cost alternative to metals and other traditional additives, CARBOREX® SiC powder additives – integrated across a wide range of adhesive, plastic and rubber base materials – deliver top-of-class performance solutions that keep your composites meeting, and exceeding, today’s high-performance requirements and standards.

Exploring New Applications

Washington Mills offers silicon carbide samples and technical assistance when evaluating new uses for silicon carbide.